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Founded on the belief that great ideas are not best expressed, MilestoneThree engages with clients to connect through words. Whichever language, whatever your position, whomever the company – the pitch is the opportunity to impress.

Delivering techniques that are proven to transform, MilestoneThree quickly brings about visible improvement. We know how it is in the business world, and we understand what would be important to our clients: Real Change, Now.

MilestoneThree’s workshop facilitators and executive coaches have decades of corporate experience. They all have sat in training rooms as participants before, and know what is important:  No Boring Training.

Donald B.Ma

Passionate about unlocking the potential of others, Donald has been working with executives and leaders across the world for 10+ years. Transforming people’s ability to speak with impact, sell a vision and share stories on world stages is where Donald delivers value to clients.

Having worked with C-levels, Startup Entrepreneurs, Industry Experts and Government Officials – Donald consistently elevates his clients’ performance. His biggest satisfaction is watching his clients outperform themselves and achieve the unexpected.

Originally from New York, and having lived across Asia Pacific, Donald brings an international perspective to his clients. Outside of the corporate world, Donald can be seen acting on television and performing standup comedy at clubs. With this exposure, Donald knows what it takes to help his clients stand out in front of others. 

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