Art of Influence

Whether you’re trying to win a client, or win the support of fellow corporate individuals, the art of influence is the key. Being able to bring others to relate with you through dialogs and compel them towards an action, this is the craft of influential conversations.

Breakthrough Sales Performance

Winning enterprise clients takes strategy, alignment and capability. To add to the complexity, what each client requires will vary. Every organization has a sales team, and within each sales team, a handful of the sales executives will produce the majority of the team’s revenue.........

Pitching with Impact

Every presentation is an opportunity to impress, convince and stand out. The only tool required to do that is yourself. Whether for executives in boardrooms, entrepreneurs in front of investors or presenting to clients, we need to deliver inspiration, not information.

Boardroom Stories

Outstanding communicators are able to connect with their audiences, and they do this through story. Humans are wired for stories, and we remember sequence of events better when told through a story. Business presentations that stand out, also embed stories. You bring the data. You have the facts. We make you stand out in the boardroom by telling the story.

Pitching with Insights

Change requires a new perspective, and when pitching, this is brought to others through an insight. Presenting a vision to a new reality requires understanding, skill and emotion. For those individuals pitching innovation, craft your pitch to educate, inspire and compel. This is when your pitch becomes an insight.


Our most popular and sought-after Executive Consultant based in Bangkok, Surajet brings wisdom and energy to each session he delivers. Specializing in working with international corporations with a presence in Thailand, Surajet is able to bring a blend of cultural and international insights to clients. Outside of work, Surajet maintains his energy and youth with fitness and listening to K-Pop.

Surajet has an academic background in Engineering, holding Bachelor and Master degrees in Engineering from Thammasat and Chulalongkorn Universities respectively, and a Master of Science Degree in Engineering Business Mgmt  from Warwick

Hong Kong

Native of New York, Donald brings a fusion of East meets West to his sessions. Having lived across Asia-Pacific for 20+ years, Donald shares not only techniques, but also international perspectives to elevate his clients’ business performance. With a passion for learning while having fun, all of Donald’s sessions are filled with non-stop activities and unlimited energy! Outside of work, Donald can be seen acting for television and performing stand-up comedy in local clubs… maybe soon at one near you?

Donald is a proud graduate of Rutgers University – School of Business. He is also a certified Six Sigma Black Belt.


Our most seasoned Executive Consultant, Kua comes from an established career of holding senior management positions in organizations such as L’Oreal, Gillette, and Nielsen. Having been General Manager and Country Manager for such organizations, Kua brings to clients real examples of what corporate success is made of. Kua is a qualified trainer to issue NLP certification under the American Board of NLP and an accredited trainer for DiSC Personality Assessment. This means – Kua is just a really nice guy.

Kua speaks English, Chinese, Malay and maybe other languages also! He holds a degree from Universiti Putra Malaysia

Each time you pitch, you need to be able to influence others. The beauty about the art of influence is everyone can practice it in every day conversations. This session is suitable for both client-facing professionals and individuals seeking to compel internal stakeholders. Throughout the session, participants will experience activities, discussions and exercises to develop:

Empathy in their dialogs – Allowing them to build trust with others

Adaptability in their communications – Building rapport and connection with stakeholders

Relevance when speaking – Compelling others with what is acceptable and desired

In this world, the better you influence, the less you have to negotiate.
No matter how the times evolve, sales is about human connection. Relationships, trust, desires and beliefs…. For client-facing professionals, every sales situation is different. And the only factor that has to evolve, is oneself. 

Designed by sales professionals, with the busy sales professional in mind – this session will give participants non-stop moments to reflect on how their sales performance can improve with simple shifts in behaviors. Filled with activities, interactions and inspiration, participants will make changes in their sales life cycle:

Setting oneself to succeed with the right focus and activities 

Identifying and connecting with the key stakeholders in a client relationship

Establishing trust with each interaction

Connecting with and genuinely identifying what clients desire

Presenting offerings which are beyond useful – and valuable to others

Delivered and proven with sales professionals across multiple industries throughout 3 continents, this program guarantees shifts in sales momentum. This session is most suitable for those with existing sales experience and are looking to win larger deals.
Presentations that don’t impress all have one thing in common – too much information. In today’s world, audiences don’t need more information, they want inspiration! Pitch an insight, compel others towards action, or bring others to a different perspective – that is the essence of an impactful pitch.

Bringing participants to significantly increase their impact and confidence – this session has non-stop (and fun) activities that focuses upon:

Clarity of the key messages within the pitch

Simplifying complex information to be easily digested

Reducing content within a pitch to contain only what’s relevant

Conveying presence through our body language while speaking

Engaging audiences throughout the pitch

Designed for participants who are pitching to senior stakeholders. This session is suitable for any industry or language. After all, pitching is about connecting with their audience. 
Can you remember the presentation you sat through last week? What about the story about the 3 Little Pigs? Humans are wired for story. We can remember stories well, especially those that relate to our lives. When pitching – embedding short stories makes the pitch more memorable because it brings about the emotions which we want the audiences to experience. 

Knowing when to tell the story, what to include and how to deliver it – will highlight the objective of any pitch. Learn how to impact audiences and stand out by: 

Crafting relevant short stories that relate to your pitch

Assembling story elements into a logical flow for audiences

Including the emotions into the story which you want others to feel 

Bringing audiences to remember the moral of your story beyond the pitch

This session is recommended for those who are looking to be more relatable while pitching. Some of the largest successful pitches in the world had stories presented as part of the pitch. The next time you tell a story, it can be the making of your own success story.
When pitching to inspire – one of the most eye-opening moments is when a new perspective/concept is taken in by the audience. Insights catch attention and can also change the landscape of the pitch.

In this session, participants develop pitch key messages which provoke thinking, inspire thought and spark new conversations. Through exercises and challenge activities, participants experience:

Crafting value propositions that resonate strongly with others

Different ways that would grab the attention for different audiences

How to gain the buy-in for the concepts pitched

Distinguishing yourself from the competition 

This session is recommended for teams who are looking to distinguish themselves while pitching. For those who are in competitive industries, and are looking to stand out from the rest, this session will help you to win the hearts and minds of audiences.
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